Learn the secrets on How To Draw Cars from a Professional Car Designer

Do you love cars and have a passion for drawing them?

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Whether you are a novice or a pro, we will make drawing cars easier and faster for you…

Here you will get access the Secrets from Professional Automotive Designer which will show you step by step how to draw like the pros.


So, all those car lovers out there, read on…

Are you ready to draw great cars each time you want to? Yes, here we are talking about drawings that look professional.

You can easily track down your drawing calibre and skills and reach out to the level of pros. All that is possible and a lot more without:

  • Spending years and money at a college for designers
  • Without wasting much time, we get right down to it

Here we will share with you the secrets that will help you to draw cars starting today. The best part is that you will learn directly from the professional who has worked as an experienced automotive designer for more than 15 years.


Who am I? I am Tim Rugendyke and I have been working as automotive designer since last 15 years for the big names like General Motors and Ford. Apart from this, I have also worked on various international transportation designs from Europe, Australia, Asia and America. During this process, I have learned a lot and have discovered some secrets that guarantees you to draw amazing car designs easily even if you are just starting out. I have also been lecturing at a reputed design school in Australia, teaching the aspiring automotive designers how to draw the amazing automobiles like the experts.

I have compiled my experience into a step by step book on how easily and fast you can draw the perfect cars. In my book I have revealed the step by step procedure and techniques that I teach at the design school in Australia. Using these techniques and steps, you can easily lean how to draw the cars without the need of going to a design school. All you have to do is to just go through my book and follow it properly.


Wherever in the world you are from, I can help you draw cars with my guidebook.

My “How To Draw Cars” Guide is a 177 pages guide that can be easily downloaded in e-book format. The guide is complete with all useful techniques and secrets earlier known to just a few professional designers. My guide is a comprehensive one that contains all necessary details required to draw the perfect cars easily that will not just make you happy about your skills but will even amaze the people around you. I have even had students who starting drawing cars on commission as a side income.

The guide I have compiled has more than 160 high quality pictures and illustrations that will give you clear instructions on how to draw in least possible time. It is filled with easy to follow tutorials on all the different aspects of car and even offers essential theory that you need for speeding up on important principles.



My guide is a step by step to help you draw cars fast with great accuracy and you will be happy to refer to it in the years to come. It is my guarantee that this will be the last guide you will ever purchase on drawing cars. I have added all necessary steps, details and tutorials you need to know. Through this guide, you are actually getting all my experience and knowledge of 15 years wrapped up in this 177 page easy to follow comprehensive guide. Mark my words you will not get anything like my guide that will provide you hands on experience of drawing cars like this.


So why would you trust me or my advice? Why am I here to give you advice?

To be true, I am a lecturer, hands on designer and tutor who has traveled across the globe for automotive designing work and projects. In fact, I have spent most of my life gaining knowledge about cars, car designs and car drawings. Since the time when I was just 8, I have this interest in drawing cars and during all these years, I have been learning how to perfectly draw them.

I have received a number of awards as an automotive designer and they prove my caliber. In my guide, I have used the “real”, “original” and practical techniques that actually work. You need to understand the point that I have been in the automotive design industry since quite a long time. Automotive designing is not only my job, but now it has become my life as well. This is why I genuinely want to help people like you who are determined to learn how to draw cars the right way.

Now let’s take a small glance at what you will discover and accomplish as you download your own copy of “Draw Cars Fast and Easy”:

  • How to make quality drawing of a car within just a few hours and that too if you have never drawn any car or automobile in your life
  • Step by step and detailed analysis of the drawing illustrations so that you can see how the professionals draw
  • How to avoid the biggest stumbling blocks when you draw cars
  • What all you should have before getting started on your drawing
  • Important principles and guidelines that you should know about how to get your car look the right way
  • Secret and insider tips that the professionals use to draw amazing cars
  • Why the steps like tracing or copying can help a lot in your drawing and what to remember when you do these
  • Professional materials and tools you need to use so that you can make your drawings look like a pro
  • The techniques that you should never use when drawing cars
  • Most important things you must do when drawing the side views and other crucial things
  • Easy to follow and step by step tutorial to let you know the key points
  • Common mistakes done when drawing cars and how to avoid or correct them
  • How to overcome mistakes when drawing the ellipses in perspective
  • Tips that you should know about drawing wheels so that you draw them right each time
  • How to add the colors to your car drawings and bring them to life
  • 3 main categories of designing cars which let you easily and quickly define the shape of your drawing
  • Why there is need for proper proportion and why it is so important to how each car looks and some simple rules to remember to ensure that your car design doesn’t look bad

Thus, these are just some important things that you will see and find in my guide. Moreover, do not forget that there are 160 detailed, proper photos of cars that will help you to visually see all that I am talking about here. There is years of professional expertise and experience in this guide which is attractive and that unveils the top secrets that can help you draw cars like any professional out there.

When I first thought of making the guide “How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy”, I wanted to ensure that every reader should be able to afford it. This is because I can truly understand what it is like to have string desire and passion for something.

Keeping the cost factor in mind, I have introduced a special introductory offer so that all who are passionate about drawing cars should get a copy of my guide and use it to their benefit without giving a second thought to the price. You will find that based on years and years of experience in the automotive design field and teaching a large number of students, I earlier thought of selling the guide for just $49. Also, as there are no costs attached for printing of the e-books, you can easily buy the book for as less than a hard copy book or guide. So, keeping all these considerations in mind, I am here to offer you my comprehensive guide for just $29- nothing can be lesser than this. Yes! You read it right, just $29 and you will get complete access to my guide that has 15 years of drawing cars experience in it.

You will definitely not get anything as detailed, reputed, experienced and in depth anywhere for such a small price. My 100 percent money back guarantee and no risk deal is totally secure so that you can use the guide and see if it works for you or not.

My “How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy” guide is completely guaranteed to help you make better drawings and the best part is that you do not leave a hold in your pocket when you use my e-book. I guarantee that you will see considerable results and changes in your drawing quality and speed within a few weeks. If you do not observe any change, you will get 100% money back.

My policy is simple- if you are not happy or satisfied, I don’t want your money. My main objective is to see my readers draw cars perfectly and with full passion. If my guide is not helpful to you in fulfilling your car drawing passion, just email me within first 60 days of your purchase and you will get a refund of your money- without any questions asked.

Obviously you may say it to yourself that ‘Tim can draw cars like a pro due to his huge experience..but how can I do so’? This is indeed a very good question. The best part is that the e-book has been made and written by professional automotive designer and so it is not just for the pros. Indeed, I have taught a lot of regular people as well who have interest in designing and drawing but have never done so in the past. So, when you draw using my guide, you do not have to be an artist by nature or birth or even a skilled designer to see results.

Even more, it doesn’t actually matter what your objectives are: Most principles are same- whether you want to impress your family with your car drawings or whether you wish to be a professional designer or simply whether you want to know steps and techniques to draw like an expert. Whatever your goals are, when you decide to stop making errors which have been holding you back and use the techniques in “How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy” you can choose to draw any type of car you feel like.


I am even happy to tell you that I will even give free access to 5 great bonuses when you buy “How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy” today.

So, if you order right now, I will give you free access to these 5 bonuses that will truly enhance your car drawing skills and will take it to a completely new level. Also, as you will be able to enjoy results in no time, you will surely want to use my e-book and draw the perfect cars in least possible time.

Below I mention for you the 5 fantastic bonuses that you will get with my guide:


FREE BONUS 1: Quick Start Guide: How To Draw An Awesome Car In Under 30 Minutes

Using the secrets from this guide, I have also learned from the experts at Ford about how to make amazing car drawings in just 30 minutes. This is the technique that I totally trust upon when I am under some sort of a pressure to produce a number of car drawings fast. You will not just see how fast and easily I can make drawing for you with my step by step process, but I can also tell you how I achieved each of these steps and how you can apply the same if you have some car design or drawing in mind. It’s as easy as following the steps in this e-book and you can easily make cars of your choice in no time.


FREE BONUS 2: Wheel Magic Tutorial: How To Draw Perfect Wheels Each And Every Time

In this step by step tutorial, I will teach you how to handle the trickiest of all aspects- how to draw wheels. Drawing the wheels in perspective is one thing which actually makes or breaks the drawing of a car and it separates amateurs from pros. I will even show you how you can use basic understanding of the perspective theory to draw the wheels fast and easy without the need to guess whether you have drawn them right or wrong. Once you learn the technique taught in this tutorial, you will never want to fear drawing wheels and it will surely take your drawing skills to an entirely new level.


FREE BONUS 3: 7 Simple Tips The Pros Use: Quick Reference Guide

This amazing cheat sheet lists the simple 7 tips of the professionals that can make great impact on one’s drawings. The experts draw cars for their living and they can just turn them on and make spectacular car drawings whenever they want to. However they do not rely on their mood or random inspiration when penning down the concepts. They do some simple things unconsciously, allowing them to get in the zone what they have to. So, in this bonus, I have explained what such simple tips are so that you can easily use them to make your drawings better and perfect.


FREE BONUS 4: Design School Cheat Sheets: Line Weight, Light and Shadow, and Reflections

These are exact cheat sheets that I have developed mainly for my design students so that they can become drawing experts in no time. Earlier these cheats were just available to the students only who paid huge amounts as tuition fees to attend designing schools where I lectured. Now as a bonus, the readers can easily save themselves hours of mistakes and trial and error by having the easy to follow and completely illustrated cheat sheets when completing the drawings.

These sheets will help you master things like:

  • How to use different line weights to make the drawings pop off from the page
  • How to render the gloss surface to have some realistic touch to your drawings
  • How to make use of shadows and lights to add colour and depth to the drawings with all ease and confidence


FREE BONUS 5: FREE Updates to the How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy E-book

When you choose to invest in increasing your knowledge for car drawing, I will always be with you in continuing to find different ways to make the guide better, easier to comprehend and follow and complete. If any latest editions of the guide will be released, you will get all updates free of cost. That is just one of the benefits of my e-book. If any new edition of the hard copy is introduced, you need to go to the store to buy it for yourself. But that is not a case with the e-books. Whenever a new edition of “How To Draw Cars Fast And Easy” is introduced, you will get it for Free of cost. It is so simple- I will contact you through our newsletter and you can easily download the instructions so that you can stay updated on latest car drawing steps and techniques.

Let’s have a look at everything you will receive for spending just $29:




“How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy” E-book



“Quick Start Guide”: How To Draw An Awesome Car In Under 30 Minutes



“Wheel Magic Tutorial”: How To Draw Perfect Wheels Each And Every Time



“7 Simple Tips The Pros Use”: Quick Reference Guide



“Design School Cheat Sheets”: Line Weight, Light and Shadow, and Reflections



FREE Updates to the How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy E-book




What are you waiting for? Just order “How to Draw Cars Fast And Easy” and get free bonuses and a lot more for just $29. Buy it Now and start drawing like the pros. Who knows, maybe you even decide to sell your drawings? And make a nice side-income?

I hope you will surely take up this amazing offer. I want to share my interest and passion with other people who are passionate about drawing cars. I thus take a lot of interest in my e-book as it has something valuable that took nearly 15 years of my life to learn how to master the art of drawing cars fast and easy. I am actually very much passionate about car drawing and I am even more passionate about teaching people how they can be a master in drawing cars as well. I hope my comprehensive guide will help you to improve your car drawing skills and knowledge all the more.


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