Drawing cars using pencils

Drawing with Pencils

Drawing cars using pencils

17:53 20 July in Blog

When it comes to drawing sketches, it takes a lot of talent, especially when drawing as something as complex as a car. However, with a bit of hard work and a few tutorials, as well as using the following steps, you will be able to draw cars using pencils in no time.

The Step-by-Step Process

1. Since drawing cars is very technical and requires appropriate proportions, you should start by creating a faint grid on your paper consisting of 1-inch squares. This will allow you to more easily either copy or free hand sketch your reference image. Remember to use softer shades for the grid lines so they can be easily erased.

2. The first item of your car that you actually want to draw is the first wheel. Start with what will have the darkest tone, and work into the lower shades from there. Remember that the wheels are extremely complicated and may take you quite a bit of time. If you are having difficulty perfecting the wheels, be sure to read tutorials on how to create them properly.

3. Now that you have the dark base of the wheel, start using the even lighter tones to begin to give the wheel an almost shiny look. Some will even leave part of the wheels the color of the paper being drawn on as a highlight, while others will use one of the lightest shades they can to create the shine of the wheel. Remember that you are only concerned about creating the wheels right now, the tires will be added later.

4. Once the first wheel is finished, you will want to move up to the front bumper. Again, use the darker tones first, and work towards the lighter areas. You can even rub the marks you’ve already made to create an even lighter tone that still has dark hints, such as for the hood of the car. Remember to erase the grid lines you made as you are shading as they may interfere.

5. With the majority of the front of the car complete, return to the wheel and complete the tire. Depending on how much you want the highlights to pop will determine how dark you make the tire and the areas behind it, or inside the wheel base. Using this method, with the grid lines, allows you to work one square inch at a time, making it easier to correct any mistakes.

6. Continue working on the body of the car and make your way up to the windows. How you shade the windows is completely up to you based on the design you are attempting to create. Some will choose to have darkly tinted windows, others may choose to draw the windows half-down and shade in the pieces found inside the car, while others will use a light shading for the window with faint outlines of the steering wheel and dashboard showing through.

7. Work down towards the door, but be sure to pay attention to your reference photo to make sure you are getting the subtle tone changes as you move into lighter areas of the car. Continue working through square by square until you reach the end of the car.

8. Depending on how the light source in your drawing is hitting the car will determine which areas will be lighter, and which darker. For example, if the light is shining on the front of the car, it will be lighter in front, and then fade into deeper shades towards the back.

Lastly, Review your reference image and add any final details – and then your car drawing with pencils will be complete!