Common mistakes when drawing

Most common mistakes when drawing cars

13 November in Blog

While drawing cars can be extremely fun, it can also be quite difficult. As such, there are many mistakes that artists tend to make when it comes to drawing any type of vehicle, some more-so than others. That being said, the following will discuss what...

Hard to draw cars

Why drawing cars are so hard

27 October in Blog

The Difficulty of Drawing Cars It seems so simple, drawing a car. However, many people seem to be struggling with this task, and we’ve been wondering why that might be. I mean, there’s no eyes to master, or hair to make flow beautifully, just a piece...

Nissan GTR

Copying vs drawing from scratch

14 October in Blog

Which is Better: Copying, or Drawing from Scratch? Some artists are naturally able to sit down, look at an image, and simply begin drawing. Others are not so lucky, and may revert to copying images rather than freehand drawing them. While both are viable drawing methods,...

Drawing wheels

How to draw wheels

20 September in Blog

If you’ve been trying to create the perfect drawing of a car, you have certainly realized just how important drawing wheels can be to the end result. While some may think it is easy to simply free hand the wheels for the first time drawing...

Colouring your car

Colouring your cars

20 August in Blog

Drawing cars doesn’t only involve creating the initial sketch. The process from start to finish is extremely complex and can take several hours out of one’s day, but the end result will be well worth the price of time paid, especially once you learn how...

Car proportions

Getting cars’ proportions right

04 August in Blog

Being able to draw is a good skill to have, and one that can be learned. Of course, one of the hardest things to learn is proportions. Granted, other items may have more difficult proportions, but cars also have their own difficulties. The following will...

Shading cars

Doing the shading on a drawing

04 August in Blog

You’ve finally mastered the art of getting proper proportions, you’ve drawn several different cars already, and now you are finally ready to take it up a notch and make an even more realistic and authentic looking drawing of a car. This step up is going...

Drawing with Markers

Drawing cars with Markers

29 July in Blog

While drawing cars with pencils can be difficult, drawing cars using markers employs an entirely different method. Granted, you will want to use some of the same steps as you do when drawing with pencil, but with a few changes considering you are now using...

Drawing with Pencils

Drawing cars using pencils

20 July in Blog

When it comes to drawing sketches, it takes a lot of talent, especially when drawing as something as complex as a car. However, with a bit of hard work and a few tutorials, as well as using the following steps, you will be able to...